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Biz Foundations Guide + Workbook


Biz Foundations Guide + Workbook


Biz Foundations Guide + Workbook


Starting a handmade business and want to 'Know where to start'?

Download this simple and easy introduction to starting your handmade business and complete the Biz Foundation worksheets using the included guide and checklist. 

You will complete business essentials such as:

  • Why, What and How
  • Payment Terms
  • Refunds and Exchanges
  • Biz Targets

Helping you to develop a clear vision about what you want to do, why you want to do it and how you are going to get it done.

This kit has been designed to help you 'know where to start' when embarking on the incredible and exciting  journey of starting your own handmade business.  

This Biz Foundations guide and worksheet kit includes:

  • Biz Foundations Checklist
  • Business Foundations Worksheet + guide
  • Business Targets Worksheet + guide
  • Business Policies Worksheet + guide
  • Useful tips
  • Plus a FREE Business Bio printable for all your biz info
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